About Us

Direction Classes provides classroom & online learning courses. Students can learn on their own schedule, save money on commuting, boarding, and a host of other expenses, and can often download course lectures for convenient offline reading. Plus, some options let you have access to classes forever once you've paid for them. Some are free, and some have to pay a small payment. You can pick up professional certifications online, enhance skills to give online mock test and ask your question face to face on zoom with your favourite teacher. Whether to advance your career or to pick up new hobbies that help you enjoy everyday life, online courses are one of the best perks of the 21st century. So Let start and click on online admission.


Why you choose us?


Live & Interactive Classes

A real-time, live and interactive online tuitions with 2 way communication


Periodic Tests

The tests are conducted to check the Topic Understanding and rankings.


Doubt solving

Student can ask their doubts just like they do in physical classroom.


Personal Attention and Focus

The maximum teacher to student ratio would be 1:20.


Safety Of Homes

Avoid Exhausting Traffic


Monitoring and Feedback

Parents can monitor their child's study ways at home itself.


Time Saving and Economical

Saves lot of traveling time, city migration, and mental strain of students.


Recorded Lectures

Student can access recording of lectures in case of missed lectures.


Course Material

NCERT simplified and organized for easier understanding of concepts.